2005-10-28 23:03:48

Simplesmente espetacular: Annotable Audio

Espetacular. Alguma coisa que pode revolucionar o podcasting - uma ferramenta simples para fazer anotações e criar segmentos em arquivos de áudio. Em outros termos, acrescentar valor, informação, indexação, contexto. Via DocSearls.

1 Comentário:

[nelson]  gostei, é uma otima ideia  [REPLY]

2005-10-17 15:03:26

Windows Media Enhanced Podcast

Apple's AAC format allows podcasters to create "enhanced podcasts" complete with embedded photos at publisher defined points throughout the podcast. These files are only compatible with iTunes and iPods, leaving a large universe of listeners out of the picture. Microsoft's Photo Story could easily create something similar, with a voice track narrating beneath a series of images, but the WMV file created in Photo Story isn't compatible with most portable music players. One alternative that bridges the gap and maximizes compatibility is to create a script enhanced WMA file
Hmmm. Acho que vou esperar sair a ChapterToolMe pra PC mesmo. Ou alguém aí sabe algum jeito de fazer a conversão num PC? Alguém não tá a fim de fazer uma ferramenta Web pra fazer isso não? Via OrbitalMAC.

1 Comentário:

[billy]  também quero saber. baixei o software aí, mas ainda nao instalei. parece que é mais tosco que o do mac....  [REPLY]

2005-10-13 21:05:41


Beginning today consumers can use Melodeo software, called Mobilcast, to find and download Podcasts on a mobile phone. The addition of Podcasts is a significant step in establishing the mobile phone as a singular device for finding, acquiring, and using digital media.
2005-10-11 07:27:49

Yahoo! goes ga-ga for podcasting | The Register

The Yahoo! Podcast site, launched in beta on Monday, features a directory of podcasts and enables consumers to rate and review podcasts. The site is being pegged as a resource for all things podcast-related, providing users with tools such as a how-to guide explaining how to create your own podcast.
2005-09-14 01:40:30

Popcasts (BETA) - most popular podcasts at a glance

Popcasts is an aggregator of the most popular podcasts from many different directories and ranking sites, all on one page.
2005-08-22 18:51:26

Podcast Brasil :: Primeira Conferencia Brasileira de Podcast

Primeira PodCon Brasil - Conferência Brasileira de Podcast
2005-08-01 13:57:35

Eric Rice :: How to build a 10 minute podcast

I've created guidelines for creating short, organized shows that can help you either get started in podcasting or organize your existing podcast into manageable, predictable chunks. As a society, people have become conditioned over generations to expect certain patterns in radio-like content. Podcasting is no exception. Even if your podcast sounds like radio, the most important piece of the podcasting puzzle is that it's made by everyday folk.
2005-08-01 08:50:49

Podcasting News

As últimas notícias sobre podcasting.
2005-07-28 10:41:45

In One Stroke, Podcasting Hits Mainstream - New York Times

David Pogue fala sobre o fenômeno do Podcasting:
So far, Apple has worked this kind of magic on digital video editing, wireless networking, online music selling, R.S.S. feeds (a kind of Web site subscription) and other technologies. Its latest attempt, however, will be music to an awful lot of ears. With its release of the free iTunes 4.9 software for Mac and Windows, Apple has just mainstreamed podcasting.
2005-07-28 10:34:14

Podcasting Tools

This site is a comprehensive podcasting resource detailing everything you need to know about Podcasting
2005-07-27 11:09:56

Pocket-lint.co.uk Podcasting search engine Podscope launches news story

A search engine that will allow users to search within a Podcast has been launched on the web this week. Called Podscope, the engine will make every word searchable within a podcast, enabling the audio indexing of podcast content. The user can search on a term, generate a list of results ranked by a variety of methods to find the most relevant podcast and click to play or click to download. The company behind the free service has been indexing television and radio broadcasts since 1999.
2005-07-27 07:17:24

Podcasting no Rawsocket

Bom ver que o Bernardão já mudou de opinião sobre o que é Podcasting e o quanto isso vai influenciar o futuro da mídia. Tenho alguns comentários a fazer com relação ao artigo que ele publicou - tá tudo em inglês já que é a língua oficial do Rawsocket.
2005-07-27 05:21:02

Macworld: News: FeedForAll Mac released, RSS/podcast maker

NotePage Inc. on Tuesday announced the release of FeedForAll Mac, which helps users create, edit, manage and publish RSS feeds and podcasts. Developed for Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, FeedForAll Mac costs US$39.95 to register. A 30-day trial version is available for download.
2005-07-25 13:13:38

PodProducer, agora em Português

v0.21 Improvements to the User Interface. Fade Out button for buttons pannel. Fixes bug when the FTP configuration is not completed. Includes Brazilian Portugues language file.

1 Comentário:

[zero]  prezado danilo, antes de mais nada parabéns pelo maravilhoso trabalho na divulgação do podcasting. acredito que, com regras claras, será um aliado do skype no rompimento de fronteiras da comunicação humana. me tira uma dúvida: baixei o podproducer v.0.20 e 0.21 sem sucesso na configuração da interface. o programa fica sempre sem ser totalmente mostrado, como se minha resolução de tela (1024x768) fosse diferente da instalação do podproducer. que devo fazer? e como faço para transformar a interface pro português? um abraço de seu assíduo ouvinte zero. ps: e o novo podcast? cadê?  [REPLY]

2005-07-24 14:20:48

Podcasting: Talking Dirty on Your iPod - Newsweek Periscope - MSNBC.com

Podcasting, that baby medium, is suddenly home to a lot of adult content. Introduced to a mainstream audience just last month, the technology "radiolike programming for your iPod" that was once the chaste province of "Geek News Central" and "Knitcast" is now reddening faces that sport those trademark white earbuds. "No matter what the technology is," says Andrew Leyden, founder of podcastdirectory.com, "sex finds a way to get involved."
2005-07-20 06:06:09

EasyPodcast | Easy Podcast publication system

Easypodcast is a GUI tool for easy podcast publication. Easypodcast is multi-language (english and spanish) and cross-platform: tested on Windows and Linux (kde). This is possible thanks to wxPython.
2005-07-19 15:07:31


Welcome to the future home of CastBlaster!
2005-07-19 15:06:48


PodProducer is a software that will help you produce and record your podcast. With PodProducer you can easily record your voice and add efects, markers, jingles, etc... over it. PodProducer is totally free, it does NOT contain any Adware or Spyware. PodProducer requires Windows XP, the latest DirectX and a sound card.

3 Comentários:

[danilo]  simplesmente excelente... recomendo!  [LINK]

[danilo]  eu esqueci de dizer que é grátis...

[laert yamazaki]  infelizmente não roda em macs...uma pena.  [LINK]  [REPLY]

2005-07-09 07:35:58

Dica para adicionar podcasts no iTunes 4.9

Arraste o link xml do podcast que você quer assinar até o iTunes e solte... ele vai adicionar automaticamente o podcast à sua lista. Maneiro.

2 Comentários:

[rigonatti]  bah !!! eu já tinha dito isso ..alguem aqui me ouve ?? :-p  [LINK]

[bruno torres]  realmente. mas você tem que arrastar o link de dentro do html, não pode pegar a url da barra de endereços e arrastar...isso me confundiu, na boa...hehe  [LINK]

2005-06-28 19:55:45

Apple - iTunes - Podcasting

Freedom is as good as it sounds. Imagine listening to your favorite talk show on a spur-of-the-moment bike ride. Hearing movie reviews in line at the box office. Catching the 11:00 news at 6:33. Imagine never again missing the unmissable. Choose the time. Choose the place. Choose the show. Save for later or listen now. Podcasting makes it possible. iTunes makes it easy.
Tá simplesmente demais o iTunes com suporte a podcasting. Vale a pena baixar.
2005-05-20 11:34:36

OpD2d - Direct to disk audio recorder

This is a very simple little audio recording application. It can be used to easily record anything you can get into your soundcard direct onto your hard disk. You might also have noticed that it's got a bit of an odd interface
Uma opção pra quem não curtir o All2Wav...

4 Comentários:

[su]  que tal um tutorialzinho para gravar conversa do skype?  [LINK]

[su]  abraço!  [LINK]

[danilo]  oi su, respondi no email, mas com esse processo tudo é gravado, até as suas conversas do skype!

[marcelo]  teste

2005-05-20 10:49:04

Guia de gravação de podcasts em português

Faz tempo que eu queria fazer a versão em portugues do guia rápido de gravação de podcasts que eu fiz lá pro pessoal do engadget. Bom, taí. Muito simples mesmo.

1 Comentário:

[bruno torres]  estou só testando os comentários mas, que bom que você fez esse tutorial de podcasting. já até linkei no meu delicious.  [LINK]

2005-05-16 05:46:24

Yahoo Introduces Competitor for iTunes - Slashdot

LadyDeath writes "After a year in development, Yahoo has launched its competitor to Apple's iTunes and Napster To Go, a subscription and download music service priced at only $4.99 per month. Tracks are offered in 192Kbps WMA, and can be transferred to portable devices. Perhaps most interesting to the Slashdot crowd is that the Yahoo! Music Engine is built on an open platform that facilitates plug-ins - both DLL and Web based. Podcasting and video playback plug-ins are already available."
2004-12-14 00:00:00

Como disponibilizar seus podcasts em Torrent

Ótimo tutorial pra quem quiser disponibilizar seus podcasts usando bit torrent. Mais uma colaboração de um ouvinte do digitalminds, desta vez o Cristóferson Bueno, do Conversa de Bar. Valeu, Cristóferson!
2004-12-13 00:00:00

Digitalminds no 'O Dia'

Na coluna da Cristina de Luca...
2004-11-01 00:00:00

digitalminds no jb

olha o digitalminds no jb... novos visitantes, sejam bem-vindos. pra quem quiser uma ajuda pra fazer seu podcast, da uma olhada no post "passo-a-passo" aí embaixo, e se quiser pode mandar um email pra mim: o endereço é duvidas@digitalminds.com.br
e so uma correcao... nao sou designer de produtos... na verdade faco produtos mobile... bom, se eu mesmo nao consigo explicar o que eu faço...

1 Comentário:

[carol paraguassu]  xiii foi mal! é pq estava estranho designer de produtos móveis... temos que colocar os cargos traduzidos :D