2006-03-01 16:33:23

Spore: o jogo mais impressionante dos últimos tempos

Vídeo do jogo mais impressionante que vi nos últimos anos: Spore. Um universo biológico, onde você pode modificar criaturas e desenvolvê-las ao longo do tempo, chegando até o espaço sideral... Incrível!
2005-11-20 13:38:57

Xbox 360 vem com um tijolo de brinde

Dá uma olhada no tamanho da fonte do Xbox360...
2005-11-11 00:58:02

Desenvolvedor Maluco + Tempo Livre = War + Google Maps

E não é que o cara fez uma versão do War mashed-up com o google maps? Sensacional. Via crisdias.com.
2005-11-08 14:39:05

The Mp3 Experiment 2.0

Mais uma edição do sensacional mp3 experiment, um jogo que mistura fantasia e realidade de um jeito fascinante. Dessa vez, totalmente outdoors.
2005-10-24 06:31:01

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Vi hoje o PES 5 ao vivo. Só digo uma coisa: é o melhor jogo de futebol já feito na história. Em tempo, Pro Evolution Soccer é a marca internacional da franquia Winning Eleven, da Konami.
Como eu sou amigo de vocês, no link tem um demo pra baixar. Divirtam-se.
2005-10-14 15:31:48


O Bruno Torres lembrou do War e eu tinha esquecido de postar isso aqui... é uma versão online do jogo, perfeito pra quem está exilado na Austrália, longe dos amigos!
[update] estou mudando a indicação pro final conquest... que funciona direitinho, é totalmente em java e além de tudo é grátis. O domination game é pago ou vc precisa instalar adware.
2005-10-11 04:40:28

The evolution of gaming: computers, consoles, and arcade : Page 1

Gaming today is a widely recognized part of our cultural landscape. But those of us over thirty are just old enough to remember a time before gaming, before digital entertainment invaded the arcades, our computers and our homes.
2005-10-05 06:28:23

Peter Jackson Directing Halo - Forever Geek

ABCNews is reporting that Microsoft has tapped the same team responsible for The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, including director Peter Jackson, to oversee production of the 'Halo' movie.
Isso vai ser muito interessante... quem conhece Halo sabe que o forte é o background, a costura da história. E Peter Jackson, bom, se você ainda não viu a trilogia, veja.
2005-09-26 02:24:41

Programming for the kids | geekBlue.net

Computer programmer Igor Kholodov has created a game that he says can entertain kids while at the same time teach the basics of programming languages like Java. After six years of development, Kholodov has finished making the game, called "c-jump." The board game turns players into skiers, who must race down a mountain in the quickest way possible. With every roll of the die, players must follow instructions that resemble computer program codes.
2005-09-22 16:27:06

John Porcaro: mktg@msft: What Women Gamers Want

"Women gamers are very social, very strategic. They like to work together to solve problems", says Charlotte Stuyvenberg, director of global communications for Xbox.
2005-09-15 23:12:09

IGN: TGS 2005: Hands-on the Revolution Controller

The main source of input is nothing short of unexpected and untraditional. It is essentially a wireless, square remote that works something like a computer mouse would in 3D space. Imagine sticking your hand into a virtual box and having your TV understand how it's moving in there. Now you're getting the idea.
2005-09-15 22:48:54

Nintendo Revolution controller - Engadget

Here's some more Nintendo Revolution controller pr0n for ya, plus a few more details on how the thing actually works: its main features are going to include 3D pointing, via internal sensors that pick up the directionality of the controller. Similarly, it will also be tilt sensitive.

Só dá pra entender vendo o video. E olha o analógico como é.
2005-09-14 00:32:54

Sony PSP sets UK console sales record | The Register

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) sold 185,000 PlayStation Portable handheld consoles in the UK this past weekend, smashing the previous three-day record, set by Nintendo's DS in March.
2005-07-24 07:25:42

Slashdot | So You Want To Be a Game Designer?

Gamespot is running a feature which talks to designers such as CliffyB and Akira Yamaoka on the subject of what it means to be a game designer
2005-07-21 17:21:53

Pro Evolution Soccer kicks onto PSP - PSP News at GameSpot

Konami's popular sports game scores a PSP release; will be known in Japan as Winning Eleven 9: Ubiquitous Edition.

The world's most popular game is getting another go on the mobile market. Konami of Europe today announced that its soccer franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer, will make its debut on the PSP this fall.
2005-07-15 07:39:24

Nintendo DS 101 : Nintendo DS : Game Systems : GameSpot Hardware

The Nintendo DS is a completely new portable system that features dual screens, built-in wireless connectivity, and a variety of input options that range from the usual directional pad and button control to a brand-new touch screen and voice-recognition features.

Vale a pena ver o video com a demonstração do pictochat.
2005-07-13 10:56:33

Nintendo Revolution Router at Forever Geek

Nintendo has recently revealed that they will be producing a special wireless router to allow users to connect to the Nintendo WiFi Network. The device will allow for gamers who currently do not have a wireless router to use the product in a standard USB slot.
2005-07-09 06:58:37

Boing Boing: Web Zen: Time Killing Zen

Sabe aqueles joguinhos mongolóides que viciam a gente? Tem uns 10 aqui.
2005-05-26 04:51:13

CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet - Yahoo! News

The CIA is conducting a secretive war game, dubbed "Silent Horizon" this week to practice defending against an electronic assault on the same scale as the Sept. 11 terrorism attacks. The three-day exercise, ending Thursday, was meant to test the ability of government and industry to respond to escalating Internet disruptions over many months, according to participants. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the CIA asked them not to disclose details of the sensitive exercise taking place in Charlottesville, Va., about two hours southwest of Washington.
2005-05-16 11:40:36

Xbox 360 Inside and Out

As a game console, the Xbox 360 comes packing a serious amount of appeal for both gamers and developers. From a development standpoint, game creators are being handed the keys to a powerful piece of machinery that challenges them to try to tap its potential.
2005-05-16 05:51:56

Nintendo Revolution Trailer? at Forever Geek

Fake or not, it's very well done. I won't say more, see and judge it for yourself.
2005-05-02 05:17:36

Nintendo DS sets UK console sales record

Nintendo sold 87,000 DS consoles in the UK in the two days after the handheld device was launched last Friday, beating the record set by the company's GameCube almost three years ago.